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Fence Shield Is A Fence Staining & Sealing Company Serving Atlanta Georgia since 2008. We specialize in finishing newer fences, and refinishing & restoring older fences. There is no project too large, small or complex for our skilled craftsmen. We have 15+ Years experience with all aspects related to extrior wood fence maintenance and care. Whether your fence is cedar, pressure treated pine, our in-house team of experts are up to the task of rejuvenating your fence.
We use quality TWP as well as Cabot products for long-lasting fence beauty & protection. So Give us a ring, and we’ll get you on our schedule today!

Circular Fire Pit With Adirondack Chairs around Situated In A Gravel Patio Area With Pressure Treated Pine Fence In Background. Fence Was Stained With A Penetrating Oil Based Stain From TWP. Color Is Cedar.

We offer the following stain & seal Services:

  • Oil Based Fence Staining: We use quality oil based semi transparent fence stains which not only provide years of protection, but will be simple to perform maintenance to.
  • Fence Waterproofing: We use quality clear sealers (if you choose to use a clear sealer). Keep in mind that using a clear sealer will not afford your fence any type of UV protection.
  • Highly Pigmented Fence Stains: We use semi-solid fence stains which provide a semi-opaque appearance and also providing maxium protection against the elements, sun, rain, snow without running the risk of peelign as with using water borne stains.

A Word Regarding Oil Based Fence Stains Vs Water Based:

All things being equal – if you have a new fence we will always suggest you apply an oil based fence stain over a water based fence stain. Here is a brief list of advantages of using oil based stains.

  1. Oil Based Fence Stains Will Not Peel: Water based fence stains can peel in areas (although not as likely as deck stains can).
  2. Oil Based Fence Stains Can be Easily Stripped: Oil based fence stains are very simple to strip. Water based stains are not easy to strip at all.
  3. Oil Based Fence Stains Can Be Applied Over Old applications: With proper prep, oil based stains blend into themselves. Water based fence stains are film-forming and will eventually need to be stripped which becomes impossible after several applications.
  4. Oil Based Fence Stains & Sealers (semi trans-parents, toners) Look More Natural: Oil based fence stains/sealers will always have a more natural appearance as they are clear oils being applied to fence panels.

We strongly suggest that if you have a new fence that you use oil based. you’ll be glad you did.

11 Fence Staining & Sealing Do’s And Don’ts

  1. Don’t Skimp On Materials: Always purchase the best stain & sealer you can afford. The cost difference is marginal considering the labor is where the bulk of the cost is involved. This is especially important if you are going to DIY the fence staining. A quality fence stain from TWP, Cabot, Ready Seal, Armstrong Clark Are well worth the cost considering the ease of application, longevity they provide to your fencing. Don’t cheap out on stain/seal quality products!
  2. Do allow new fences to dry before staining: Fence panels have to have a moisture content of 14% or higher before applying oil based, water based stains. This is so to prevent mold, mildew issues down the road. There is NO set-in-stone timeline. Some people say 3 months, others 6. Best rule of thumb is to periodically check fence panels with a moisture meter.
  3. Do clean fence prior to staining: Cleaning an older fence is essential prior to staining & sealing. Cleaning a new fence is just as important. Many think that a new fence does not need to be cleaned prior to applying a sealer or stain. This is the not so. You will need to remove mildew, mold sports, fungal spores, contaminants from all fence surfaces. Failure to do so will encourage these organisms to breed prematurely.
  4. Do Use A Wood Brightener: On New, Older Fences: Wood brighteners, neutralizers are essential to ensure uniform appearance of wood, ensure proper penetration of stains & sealers on both Pine, cedar fences.
  5. Don’t Stain Your Fence Black: This is important in heavy sun exposed fencing. Painting or staining your fence black will cause major warping of fence panels, will cause premature aging, failure of stains. A black stain will not last, will cause wood to warp due to excessive moisture fluctuations.
  6. Don’t Use Water Based Solid Color Deck Stain On A Fence: Don’t use water based solid color deck stains on fences, these are prone to peel. Always use fence & siding stain on fences as it is very unlikely to peel. It will have a matte finish to boot.
  7. Do Work The Stain Into The Wood: It isn’t enough to just spray a fence, you have to agitate stain into wood to ensure proper stain, seal penetration.
  8. Do Put Samples On Fence Before Making A Decision On Color: Always put down samples on your fence before making a color decision. What may look good on a picture that you found online may not look the same on your fence. Always test before doing the entire job.
  9. Don’t Over-Apply Fence Stain: Many home-owners, contractors apply too much stain , sealer to a fence thinking the more the better. It is always best to read manufacturer’s specifications on a stain/sealer before going heavy-handed. Always follow the TDS (technical data sheet) instructions. You’ll maximize fence protection and stain life.
  10. Wait For Good Weather! It is never advisable to stain your fence when rain is forecast, nor is it advisable to stain a damp fence. Always wait for a window of 3 days of dry weather before and after staining you fence. This way you will ensure fence is dry prior to staining, and has enough time to cure before the next rainfall.
  11. Cover Everything You Don’t Want Stain, Sealer On: Stains & Sealers (especially oil-based) are thin, runny, and will spatter! Make sure you cover concrete, siding, plants, furniture, and or everything you do not want stain getting on.

Our Customer Pledge:

We pledge to offer superior fence staining services to all of our customers. We know how frustrating it is to have now-shows, no call-backs, and overall fatigeu when dealing with contractors. We pledge:

  • We will answer all questions , no matter how many.
  • We will communicate clearly via phone, text or email.
  • We will be timely, punctual.
  • We will respect our customers’ property.
  • We will clean up after ourselves.
  • We will keep our customers updated on any / all progress in a timely fashion.
  • We will use the highest quality fence stain & seal products.
  • We will perform all fence staining & sealing respecting the highest industry standards.

We mean business when we strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction. We want to be your go-to fence staining & sealing company.

How Can We Help?

Whether you are in planning stages, ready to move forward with your fence refinishing & restoration project we want to hear from you. Please fil out our contact form with as much detailed information regarding your vision , ideas regarding your project as you can as it helps us greatly to get a feel of what you’re looking for. We check our messages daily and will be in contact shortly.

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