Fence Cleaning Atlanta, Ga

Our in house team of skilled fence cleaning professionals have many years experience in removing accumulated grime from all fencing surfaces. Whether your fence is pressure treated pine, cedar, or more exotic woods like ipe, or even a PVC or Trex/composite fence- we can get your fence to look its best guaranteed. We effectively remove mold, mildew, greying, and grime from all types of wood fencing. We also offer fence cleaning as part of our restoration and refurbishing services, but also offer fence cleaning for those home-owners who would like to DIY their fence staining, or would just like to refresh the appearance of their fence. We use a pressure washer at a very low setting ensuring none of your fence’s surfaces are damaged in the process. Using biodegradable cleaners ensures your surrounding plants, and shrubs are not affected by our fence cleaning process.
Our state of the art equipment combined with fence specific cleaning chemicals ensures your fence looks its best every time. Take the guesswork out of making your fence look great. Call Fence Shield Today!

We offer the following fence cleaning services:

  • Fence Cleaning: We remove years of grime from your fence surfaces
  • Mold & Mildew Removal: We clean unsightly mold and mildew from your fence surfaces.
  • Fence Pressure Washing: – We pressure wash cedar, pine, as well as PVC & Composite fences.
  • Fence Brightening: We always use a wood brightener to rejuvenate the appearance of wooden fences.
  • Fence Stain Or Paint Prep: We strictly follow industry-standards providing a sound surface for stain & seal products.

We at fence shield know fences! We can clean all types of fencing, and can get you on your path to well protected fence.
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Fence Before (left) After (right) Left Side Is Green, Full Of mold. Right SIde Is Bright, Clean, Wood Is Revived And Rejuvenated Showcasing The Pine Knots.
Fence Before & After Cleaning Atlanta

Professional Fence Cleaning

With over 15 years of experience, and many satisfied customers: Fence Shield is the most trusted fence cleaning company in the Atlanta, Ga area. Our time-proven fence cleaning process will leave your fence looking its best, Guaranteed!.

Just give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

Fence Cleaning Atlanta, GA: Before Pressure Washing
Fence Before Cleaning Brookhaven, Georgia
Fence Cleaning Atlanta, GA: After Pressure Washing
Fence After Cleaning Brookhaven, Ga

Importance Of Hiring A Professional Fence Cleaning Company:

Professional cleaning of your fence lays a solid foundation for a long-lasting fence staining, sealing or fence painting job’s life-span. In our field we recognize that fence ‘prep’ or preparation is the most important portion of a fence restoration project. It may seem like overkill to those who are not in the fence refinishing field, but we know proper preparation helps to improve stain, seal or paint appearance, as well as longevity. Whether you have a fence that was previously stained or painted, or have a brand new fence – we tailor-clean your fence with a professional cleaning products specifically formulated to your fence’s condition, wood species.
For new fences we focus on removing mold, mildew spores that are invisible to the naked eye, but will cause issues if not removed. For older, sun damaged fences – we focus on removing years of sun damage, graying, mold, mildew, dirt, moss revealing the beautiful wood tones, hidden beneath.
Fence rejuvenation is our specialty!
For those fences that just need a maintenance cleaning and application of a fresh coat of stain/seal or paint – We gently clean all fence surfaces with mild detergents that attack mold, mildew, not your fence stain or paint. Leaving a clean surface ready to be re-finished. We believe of all fance reburishing and restoration steps: Cleaning of your fence should be lef to to a fence cleaning & pressure washing Professional Company. Trust fence shield with the cleaning and pressure washing of your fence. You’ll be glad you did!

Benefits Of Routine Fence Cleaning:

  • Prevents Unsightly Mold: Cleaning your fence regularly helps to ward off mold, mildew growth.
  • Improves Curb Appeal: No one likes to look at mold, mildew stains all over their fence. Regular fence cleanings will keep your fence looking its best year-round.
  • Protects Your Investment: Ever since the pandemic – prices for lumber, fencing has gone up astronomically. Performing routine fence cleaning ensures you maximize your fence’s potential longevity.
  • Prevents Costly Repairs: Again regular cleanings ensure you don’t have to perform extensive repairs, or worse yet – a full fence replacement.

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Fence Cleaning Top 10 Best Practices:

  • Always perform a test area when cleaning a fence. You never want to apply chemical to a large section before testing out a very small section to ensure satisfactory results.
  • Never use bleach when cleaning wood fences: We never use bleach when cleaning fences, and neither should you. It damages wood, and un-naturally whitens wood. Bleach should never be used to clean a fence.
  • Go light on chemicals before you go heavy: Never apply the strongest chemical solution first. Always start with a more diluted solution, and if it does not work work your way up to a stronger solution little by little. You never want to go nuclear when cleaning fences.
  • NEVER use rotating tips/turbo tips, roto-nozzles on a wooden fence: These are also known as – roto-nozzles, dirt killers, rotary turbo nozzles. Using this type of pressure washing attachment will wind up ruining wood. The random pattern, combined with the enhanced pressure will cause raised grain, will cause indentations on fence panels that cannot be easily rectified. We strongly suggest not using these pressure washing attachments. Instead use a 40degree tip (white) with nominal pressure.
  • Pressure does not do the cleaning: Don’t use high pressure when cleaning fences, the proper use of the right chemicals makes all the difference when cleaning fences. Never rely on pressure alone, you’ll make a mess of a fence.
  • Never use a whirl-away/ surface cleaner on fences: These attachments are great for concrete, not so much for fences. The spinning tips will leave circular marks all over the fence surface that will not be visible until after you stain. Do not use these attachments on fences, they will not make the fence look good, and will add headaches to your project.
  • Clean Fence When Weather permits: You never want to clean a fence when temperatures will be in the triple-digits. Optimal time to clean a fence is when temps are in the 55-90 degree range. Lower/higher temps than that will not yield satisfactory results due to chemicals’ efficacy being affected by low/high temperatures. We could write a book about this, so if you have questions, do send us a message, we’d be glad to answer.
  • Don’t mix your own chemicals!!: We cannot stress this enough. Mixing chemicals yourself can lead to catastrophic results. Always use products from reputable wood restoration suppliers like Cabot, Wolman, Flood.
  • Always clean a fence from the top down, or bottom up NEVER clean a fence side-to-side: Follow the orientation of the fence panels. The only time you should be washing a fence side to side is when the fence panels are installed in a horizontal fashion. always follow the orientation of deck boards, never go against the grain.
  • Wear Eye Protection, wear protective clothing: Cleaning a fence is MESSY work!!! Be very careful and make sure you wear adequate eye protection as there will be a LOT of debris thrown your way when cleaning fence panels. Protect your eyes, you only get two of them!

Our Service Area:

Fence Shield services the North Atlanta area, our service area is listed below:

  • Avondale Estates
  • Chamblee
  • Clarkston
  • Decatur
  • Doraville
  • Lilburn
  • Norcross
  • Smoke Rise
  • Stone mountain
  • Tucker

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